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What we do to help your web site achieve top ranking:

Optimizing Your Site

  • Consider your overall web site. What are the goals of your site? What are the things that you trying to accomplish? What pages are important that they should be able to be found separately from your home page?

  • Determine your site’s current ranking at each major search engines.

  • Use to find more keywords target 100
  • Consider what are the important keywords to your web site. Under what keywords do you want your web site or individual web pages to be found?

  • Analyse current and purposed web pages to incorporate appropriate keywords both primary and secondary

  • Determine where to place those keywords such that they can be found easily by search engines.

  • Monitor your progress by checking your ranking frequently.

  • Make necessary changes to help boost your ranking.

Exchanging Links with Other Sites

Create links to and from other websites relevant to your keyword.

Further Expose of Your Site

Write aritcles to other sites with your URL link in it.

Write in:

  • online news web sites.
  • people's blogs.

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