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The best and easiest way to market your website is to write articles relevant to your product and submit them to the ezines or article directories. It should, however, be noted that you should not write your article as a direct sales letter as that is sure to be rejected.

The best strategy for writing the articles about your product or website is to make them informative about it. The information provided in your article should quench the thirst of the readers about that product or topic. Alternately, your article may create thirst or curiosity about your product or website and they should be motivated to visit your website for further information.

If you cannot write the articles or do not have time to write them, you can seek the services of ghost writers. They are available in hordes from websites like They can write articles on your subject against mutually agreed payment.

Yet another way is to buy private label rights of ebooks or articles relevant to your website. PLR articles are much cheaper than those written by the ghost writers. You just need to be members of certain sites which offer PLR articles. Your average cost per such article would be mere few cents or pence per article. You can recast or reformulate the articles, or, if they are focused upon your topic you can publish them on your own name.

Do not forget to give a brief introduction about yourself at the end of your article with a link to your website. These articles are read by thousands of readers and they are also caught by the spiders of the search engines and displayed in response to the searchers queries. If your article is interesting and informative, you are sure to enlist hundreds of visitors to your website.

Another important website marketing tool is to conduct a survey of your visitors about the utility of your product, navigability, quality of the content, workability of the hyperlinks in your site and so on.

You can also seek their suggestions to improve their experience of visiting your website. Ask them to rank your website on a scale of 1-10. The visitors can be motivated to participate in the survey by providing some freebie. They can also be requested to answer your questionnaire and send their comments. Do not forget to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of their communication and telling them how much value you attach to their views. Publish their views prominently even if they are critical of your site or product.

Yet another website marketing tool is to submit your website to be listed or indexed in search engines and directories.

The important search engines are Google, MSN and AOL and the popular directories are Yahoo!, and bCentral. The enlistment of your website in these search engines and directories can make a huge difference to the marketing success of your website. It must be borne in mind that the directories do not accept the website as the search engines do.

Directories do not guarantee acceptance of your website even if you pay them their prescribed charges which may be up to $300 for reviewing your site. It is, therefore, advisable to hire the services of a professional to handle your website submission process. You must ensure that the title and description of your website should be appropriate. Once your title and description are accepted, for example, in Yahoo! it would not be possible to change them if you feel dissatisfied with the results. It would of paramount importance to take the first step correctly.

 Similarly it is also important to understand the first step to be indexed in major search engines. Some experts suggest that you should auto submit your website through the software programs, while others opine that submission through this route is likely to be rejected  



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