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Around 40 billion people around the world daily browse through the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! to seek some information, product, topic or service. Yet, you will find that your website is not as much clicked as often as you would like it to be. In other words, the hit rate is not commensurate with the time, energy and resources you have spent in professionally planning, designing and presenting it on the search engines. The reason most probably is that its design is not search engine optimized.


The aim of the SEO website design is to have it prominently ranked on the search engine pages. One of the ways to achieve this is that your website should be adequately linked or referenced by other websites. The search engine software or spiders rank a website on the basis of its popularity with the searchers and how reference to its content can enrich the other websites also. For example websites like eBay, are two of the most referenced, linked and popular websites on the Internet. Consequently they are ranked high on all the important search engines.

The links are like votes, the more the votes, the more prominently indexed is the website. It must also be noted that the vote of a very special person is much more valued than the vote of an ordinary man. The vote of a mayor of a city carries greater weight than the votes of hundreds of ordinary persons. Similarly when a website is ‘voted’ by the ‘mayoral’ websites, its ranking grows and its visibility increases. The more the links to your website on other websites, the more search engine optimized it becomes. Some webmasters try to spam the search engine with artificial links. They purchase the links from other websites irrespective of the quality of the content on their own website. This trick may dupe the search engine software once or twice but once you are caught on the wrong foot, your website is likely to be blacklisted.

The secret behind attracting the votes or the links on other websites is to contact their webmasters and convince them of the utility of the rich keyword content of your website and how its link on their website can prove beneficial to them. In this context you must also offer to provide links to their websites on the pages of your websites. If your website is professionally designed and rich with fresh and enriching content, your website will be extensively linked and displayed prominently enough to catch the attention of the searcher.


An important feature of your website is its keyword rich titles, headings, subheading, tags, meta tags and information content in its copy at various pages. As an intelligent content writer, you should thoroughly research the main and the secondary keywords or phrases that the audiences are likely to use to search for your product, information or service.

A detailed list of these key words and phrases should be charted out and the important keywords should be used judiciously and relevantly. It must be noted that the forced and repeated use of the keywords in your content is also a form of spamming and is likely to be caught sooner than later by the robotic crawlers of the search engines and you run the risk of being blacklisted.

The search engines understand that the idea behind using the right  keywords and phrases is to facilitate the search of your website by the potential customers and that the keywords should  not be used  to fool the search engines by their unnatural, irrelevant and forced insertions. It is suggested that you should use specific rather then generic key words in your content.

The website should be eminently usable because of its easy navigation scheme, intuitive interface, compatibility and reliability of dynamic functions.



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