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What is Ranking?

A web pages relative placement for a certain search query.

Determined by

  1. Relevancy (on-page keyword factors ) how well a web page matches a specific word ( keyword ) search
  2. Page Importance ( off-page link factors ) is dependent on Quality and Quantity of the incoming links from other web sites also determines page rank ( PR )

Ranking Results for top ten

Results or hits for relative ranking

First page

  • 1st position 30 %
  • 2nd position 15 %
  • 3rd position 7 %
  • 4th position 5 %
  • 5th position 4 %
  • 6th position 4 %
  • 7th position 2 %
  • 8 th position 2 %
  • 9th position 2 %
  • 10th position 5 %

Google Ranking

Google spider call Googlebot will visit monthly. Google visits daily if the site is popular.

How google ranks Websites:

Google uses an algorithm using over 100 different criteria In the calculation of each web pages ranking. Most important 2 factors are the Keywords and Links

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