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Keywords Placement

  • Title tag
  • Meta description tag
  • Meta keyword tag
  • Headline tag
  • Alt tag
  • File name
  • Link text
  • Body text

Remember the importance of keywords, make the first few sentences in the body/content text keyword rich. Furthermore, as some search engines utilise the first few lines of a webpage to use as a description in their search results, it is useful to have a number of keywords in the text. However it is crucial that the text is inviting.

Place keywords throughout the body text using paragraphs which sound natural, keeping your keywords close together for proximity's sake. It is also a good idea to place keywords at the end of your body text.

Title tag

The title tag of your website is the most important factor to decide when optimizing your website for search engines. The reason being that most search engines and directories accord paramount importance to the keywords in your title tag.

They use your title tag while listing your website in their search engines. It is recommended that you must use one or two most important keywords in your title tag.

But be careful to use them logically and not to list them for their own sake or to attract the search engine software. If you force-use the keywords your website is likely to be rejected and blacklisted for spamming the search engines.

Your title tag, therefore, should use the key words in an enticing and intelligible manner so that the surfer is compelled to click on it and visit the website



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