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Graduates of commerce, marketing, and business administration understand the importance of marketing in the selling of products and services.  Regular marketing strategies include banners, advertisements in print and media, giving of leaflets and flyers, and reaching out to as many people as possible.  These are all somehow effective but the ability of these methods in targeting possible customers is not so as good.  They might draw in the interest of many people but how many of these interested people can translate to buyers? Is the amount gained through advertising, greater than the amount spent for it? 

With the growing number of people who make use of the computer and the internet, the world is closer to each other than before.  Sellers wanting to broaden their business seek out the internet to reach their target markets. One way of doing this is through search engine marketing or SEM. 

SEM is a marketing strategy that makes use of the internet in promoting the websites of companies.  It helps them become more visible in search result pages of search engines.  This is achieved in three ways.  First is by paid placement where they pay the content providers themselves just so they can get a prominent position during a search.  Second way is through contextual advertising where advertisements are placed near content where they are bound to be clicked.  Lastly, through paid inclusion where the company lets their links appear as sponsored listings, and they pay the search engines for it. 

SEM is a continuous and difficult task that most of the time companies would pay professionals to do it correctly.  It is composed of advertising, submission of articles, ADWORDS, and seeing to it that search engine optimization has been performed.  It needs to be updated and frequently monitored as well. 

In order for one to have a successful SEM, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Before starting, determine who your target audience are and learn more about them through research.
  2. Think about what you want to achieve and determine ways on how you can see whether your plans and aims are being met.  Use key performance markers or indicators.
  3. Create a list of preliminary keywords that will become the foundation for your present and future relevant content.
  4. Check and refine these keywords by testing them with tools in keyword selection.
  5. Look at where you are presently ranked.
  6. Improve the website using attractive and functional web designs that will match the content of the web page.
  7. Engage in partnerships and link building.
  8. Dominate the internet by publishing most of the content in encyclopedia like sites, blogs, video sites, and picture sites.
  9. Become even more popular by putting contents in web news and RSS feeds.
  10. Invest in setting up effective tracking software.

If one is still starting or might probably be still confused as to how SEM is done, one can seek the help of somebody who is skilled in doing it.  There are several of them online. 



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