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Website Search Engine Optimization

Website search engine optimization means that a website is designed and promoted in such a way as to bring in highest volume and quality of traffic from the search engines. The traffic comes via the natural or organic or algorithmic search for the targeted keywords.

Therefore the use of the right and the targeted keywords is a key factor for website search engine optimization.

One indication that the website has been rightly optimized is that it is ranked or indexed high on the first page of the search engine. It has to be one of the ten sites, preferably holding 4th or 5th rank, on the first page of the search engine.

The webmasters, therefore, devise strategies to increase the site’s relevance by considering how the search algorithms work and what words the searchers use to arrive at the website. The site is presented and structured in such a manner that it is easily clawed by the robotic spiders of the search engine.

This is usually done by writing unique keyword rich content for the site.
The best course to search engine optimization is to promote the content of the site by writing articles in various article directories providing back links to the main website. The articles contain ‘teaser’ lines that motivate the readers to click on the links provided in the article and reach the main website.
Besides the articles in the article directories, webmasters also write blogs on various blog sites and use social media sites to create back links to the site.  When the search engine robots detect a large number of links to the site, they place the site at prominent rank on their search pages.

Some times the webmasters also use what may be called black hat techniques to attract the attention of the robotic spiders of the search engines. Black hat techniques involve the use of spamming, keyword stuffing and link farms. But such underhand techniques are ultimately detected by the search engine robots and such sites are, therefore, black listed and deleted from the search engines.


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