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1900 Services

A 1900 number is a service provided by Access Positive so that a company can provide a large range of recorded or live services both as a means of generating income and providing a service to a new and existing clients. Through the use of our 1900 numbers you are able to charge callers for information, products and/or services received or ordered over the telephone.

When a call is made to a 1900 number it is transferred via the Telstra exchange to our interactive voice response (IVR) computers. Our computers then analyse the call, determine the service required and the applicable charge rate corresponding to that number. This amount is billed automatically to the caller through their normal telephone account. 1900 is available Australia wide from any tone telephone including most mobile phones.

Through our switching equipment we can divert calls to any point in Australia

Live 1900 Services

This service provides a direct connection to a information provider (consultant) via our IVR computer system to enable a client to source information whilst being charged a per minute rate, there by saving time and creating revenue simultaneously.

1900 Services Recorded

A 1900 recorded number allows a customer to phone in and select from a variety of menu options to listen to information recorded by you the client. The recordings can be updated anywhere anytime so as to keep the information updated and relevant. Operators are not required for this service except for the initial recordings and updates. It can save on resources by allowing your customers and clients to access information from a menu of up to 12 selections utilizing a 1900 number recorded service. The service is available 24 hours / 7 days 356 days of the year.


We have a extensive range of consultants that are ready to provide solutions for personal or business problems. Including Psychologists, Counsellors, Corporate Stress Management Teams, Computer Technical Support, Financial Advisors, Psychic Counsellors, Astrologists and Life Coaching.


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