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Pay per click Advertising

There are numerous ways for online marketing of your website. The best and the fastest way is to use pay per click advertising through search engines. Your website may be devoted to selling some product and service and naturally contains information about that product. When you advertise, for example, in google on pay per click basis, the visitors reach your website by clicking on your ads.

These ads are sponsored either by the merchants or their associates and are placed on the right side of the google’s search page. Once the visitor reaches the landing page of your website, the content of the site entices the information hungry visitor either to buy the product, or, provide his opt-in mail address to receive the periodic newsletters, e-books or e-zines which consist of the sales letters, information or similar marketing material which is relevant to the needs of the customer. Sometimes, the marketing material is so powerful and motivating that it creates the needs for the product itself.

Viral Marketing

Another strategy that the merchants use is the viral marketing. They supply free e-books or other interesting and informative content and encourage the members to share it with their friends in return for some sort of ‘bribe’ in form of more valuable information or prizes. This way the merchant receives the email addresses of the friends and the viral process of marketing continues and spreads like a contagious disease from person to person.

The members are also encouraged to spread the information by word of mouth among their friends. They are offered inducements in form of privileged memberships with more attractive features if they enlist more members and create more sales. There are websites such as those dealing with credit cards, house loans and similar financial services which offer monetary inducements just for enlisting members.

Theme-based Links

Creating a directory of theme-based links to sites that are similar to yours but not your competitors can be potential source of referrals. The best course is to provide links to those websites on your own site and refer customers to them. They will surely reciprocate by sending their customers to you as well.



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