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Indeed, computer usage is widely accepted by all the people today. It seems that this machine provides a lot of things that they needed. What else they could ask for? They can utilize it in terms of communication, storing their important information, presenting reports and in researching terminologies that they are not familiar with. Manual work has been a part of everyone’s lives ever since. However, going along the flow of modernity and changes isn’t bad at all. As humans, adaptation to the alteration of the environment is necessary for survival. And this is the advantage of the used of the Internet.

Internet users are familiar with search engines already. This is software designed in searching for more information using FTP servers and the famous World Wide Web (www). The results or the hits are either in image or web page form. Some examples of search engines are Yahoo, Google and Bing. People who commit themselves in works that are computer related are called the webmasters. They are the developer, author or the administrator of the website and maintenance. They are also responsible in submitting the web site or the web page straight to the search engines. This method is called as the search engine submission. This is likely one of the tactics used by them in promoting a certain web page. Though in the present time, most of the search engines used other form of software (spiders, crawlers & bots) to find those web sites with the same content. Still, to ensure that it is properly submitted, webmasters still do it manually.

Why is there a need to submit your web page? It has two main reasons actually. The first one, if you have a new web page to promote. Waiting for the search engines to locate their sites might take a long span of time. Instead of waiting webmasters submits it directly to them. This will increase the possibility of obtaining the top position. The other one is when you are updating your web page even if it is not really necessary.

How to submit web page or web sites? Using a sitemap anyone can pass the whole web page to the search engine. Although, they don’t really need to pass the entire site, submitting the home page of the page is enough already. It is also important to pass it in well-known search engines in attaining more visitors as the internet-users search for information over the web through search engines.

For beginners, you will be lucky enough to see your web page on the top ten websites that usually appears after you click search in any search engines. You may find search submission engines software in the internet. It could be given for free or with price. This is really useful and helpful especially in the internet marketing demands nowadays. You can do search engine submission as many times as you want. But make sure that you are responsible enough to monitor and update it every now and them.


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