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Website Marketing Strategy

If you are doing a business, you must use the internet to promote it and for that you need a website of your own. You need to devise a strategy for marketing your website effectively if you want to reach the top and beat your competitors.

A successful website can show better results by attracting more visitors who can be converted into buyers. A few simple steps in this direction can go a long way to bring about a high conversion rate.

As a website owner you are certainly aware that there are millions of websites in your own area of trade or products competing with your site to be indexed by search engines so that they are accorded prime position in their sites. The prime position means that your site should be one of the ten top sites on the first page of the search engine site. The criteria of ranking the websites are their visibility and utility to the searchers.

When a searcher types some word or phrase related to your product , for example, in Google’s search engine, he finds hundreds and thousands websites dealing with that product. The huge number of sites befuddles the searcher. He just checks some sites on the first page or, at the most on the second page and closes off the Google’s window. You wonder why despite the best technical features of your website such as design, construction, lay out, navigation and content, it has failed to be ranked high and catch the attention of the searcher. 

The whole website marketing strategy revolves around question on being ranked high on the search engine’s site so as to attract the attention of the web searcher.

The robotic software or spiders of the search engines are also clawing through the World Wide Web to catch the attention of the visitors as they are the mainstay of the search engine’s existence. The spiders know what specific words or phrases, known in web parlance as keywords or phrases, the searchers use to find out the information they require. If your website contains those specific keywords and phrases about your trade, your website would be given a high rank on the first page.

The domain name of your website is accompanied by certain key phrases which are relevant to the demand of the searcher and the moment the searcher finds them he clicks open your site, reads its content and if he finds the information or the product useful, he places the order fulfilling your objective of spending time, money and energy on building and hosting your website.

But it is also quite likely that the visitor despite having been attracted by the relevant key phrases and words leaves your website dissatisfied without making a purchase. Quite possibly you have used keywords only to be attracted by the search engine spiders which have ranked your site high on the search engine page. The keywords, though appropriate for the search engine, have not been properly used to serve the interest of the searcher.

You have just used to beat about your own bush. You have publicized the features of your products like a town crier, but have forgotten to convey to the searcher how these features can serve his interest best. Or, why he should go for your product in preference to that of your competitors? The information conveyed through your strategic keywords and phrases has not elicited an exclamatory, “Ah! This is what I was searching for. This is the product or information that I want whatever the price.”

Remember your customer will buy your product or information only if he finds it useful and indispensable for him irrespective of whatever features your product boasts of.

Customers’ interest is the central point around which your website marketing strategy should be built.

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