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SEO or search engine optimization aims at getting the website placed prominently among the top ten sites on search engine page so that the searchers can easily locate them. Web searchers are usually short of time or impatient and they loath to click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the first page. More than getting the website indexed prominently, the search engine optimization also aims at converting the website visitors into buyers.

You require the knowledge of basic HTML, various SEO tools and copywriting techniques since most of the website information is conveyed through text. Search Engine Optimization aims at making the website search engine friendly besides satisfying the search needs of the visitors.

Content and Web Crawlers

It must be noted that content of your website is the basic material that the search engine crawlers or spiders recognize by following links from one page to another. The search engines perform several activities such as crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving to deliver search results. There are several SEO tools that can help achieve the results.

The Similar Page Checker Tool

‘The similar page checker tool’ is helpful in locating duplicate content in your website as the search engines penalize the websites that contain duplicate content or similar to the one already existing on other  websites or even within your own website. This tool enables you to determine the extent or percentage of similarity between the two Web Pages.

The Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool

The search engine spider simulator tool enables you to see the contents on your web page with the eyes of the search engine spider. A lot of your website material may not be actually visible to the search engines. For example, Flash based content generated through Java script or content displayed as images may escape the search engine crawlers. This tool also displays the hyperlinks that the search engine might follow while visiting a particular page.

Other Tools

Similarly there are many other such tools such as 

  • ‘backlink anchor text analyzer’,
  • ‘backlink builder,’
  • ‘backlink summary,’
  • ’keyword density checker,’
  • ’redirect check,’
  • ‘link price calculator,’ and so on.


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