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Effective Meta Description

  • Create a captivating description using compelling words that are professional yet easy to read and that make readers curious to learn more.

  • Use important keywords early and no more than three times. In many cases, once is best, or twice at most.

  • Solve problems (from monetary, time, or other standpoint).

Effective Meta Keyword

  • Use only main keywords, different variations of those keywords, and synonyms.

  • Keywords have to be used throughout the web page.

  • To use or not to use comma, with most of the search engines, it does not matter.

  • When comma is used, it tells the keyword (phrase) is important, but also preventing the search engine from putting together other keyword combinations and determining other keywords (phrases) on its own. Another reason not to use comma is to avoid using the same keyword over and over again, which can be interpreted as “keyword stuffing”.

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