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Search engines have existed even before the Internet was created.  These were in the form of a database, utilized by private companies and have existed along with the invention of computers.  In the late 80’s, the internet made searching more accessible and helped in running a few programs in the computer.  Then with the invention of the web browser, searching became much easier.  It allowed a more graphical display of information that later on became the frontier for searching today.

Search engine marketing concepts are quite simple.  It is like a hunter on their hunt for food. However, instead of going to the jungle trying to look for a swine or a goat for dinner purposes, they just type it in the text box of the web browser.  Alternatively, they could click on a specific picture or link that is directed to a web page that contains more information.  This hunt mode is quite unique as it allows marketers to show their products after the person (or the hunter), has specified it.  In a way, the hunter is not overwhelmed by information he does not need.  This is different from the disturbing pop-ups which offer advertisements while one is in the middle of something.  Here, the hunter gets the information that he needs and at the same time, he is also passively given offers.  This type of marketing shows him other sources of information and other “types of meat” he might also be interested in.  This is based on what he has searched for. 

It gives marketers an opportunity to create a target consumer.  For example, a teenage girl might type the words “cell phone” because she just wants to browse through the latest model.  This girl could become a possible buyer.  Either she already has a cell phone of her own, or she might be looking for a new one, but that information is not given.  So, all information about cell phones would appear on the screen.  She can narrow this down by specifying the brand she wants. When she does that, there would be other things that will appear on the side of the search results.  These would include other things she could be interested in, which are related to what she has searched for.  It could be about cell phone repair, accessories, other gadgets of the same brand she has searched, and many more.  So it is like, the database has a mind of its own that is programmed to anticipate the needs of the people.  If one is searching for a bridal gown, she might also be shown on one side invitations, rings, flowers, and other things to be used in a wedding.  Just like that. 

Search engine marketing has become an integral part in marketing and advertising over the web for both marketing agents and direct sellers.  Every business entity can benefit from the advantages of search engine marketing through the target market, which might search the web for a problem solver, specific information, or a purchase.


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