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What is Search Engine Rank Optimization?

What is Search Engine Rank Optimization?
Search engine rank optimization is about designing the website and using the content in such an effective way that your website achieves high ranking in the organic sections of  search engine result pages. If the sites obtains a lower rank and is, for example, mentioned on the’ Next’ page, it is most likely to be ignored by the visitor who is generally short of time and is also impatient.

The Technical Aspects
Search engine rank optimization is about marketing your website on the web. It is technical in nature and combines programming with persuasive writing skills so that the visitors leave the site as buyers.

Search engine rank optimization is much more than technical accuracies, copywriting skills, obtaining links or techniques for search engine submission. It is a blend of myriads of variables into the fabric of your website. It involves a constant infusion of fresh and relevant content to keep the visitor’s attention riveted on the web pages and compel him to visit the site time and again and become your admirer and loyal customer. There are some important steps that can be taken for search engine rank optimization:

Content is the body of the website. It should be fresh, original and informative enough to hold the visitor’s attention.

Inbound Links
It is no secret that every body votes for the best candidate and speaks most and highly about him. In search engine parlance this voting consists of links to the good sites from the like minded sites. The more websites provide links to your site, the higher the rank your website will enjoy.

Anchor Text
Anchor text links consist of descriptive keywords placed inside the ‘anchor text,’ or the link text. The keywords should be relevant enough to compel the visitor to learn more and click on them to reach your site.

Text Navigation
It must be noted that the visitors spend their valuable time and energy to seek information especially from the content dominated websites. They do not wish their searching skills to be tested with childish and flashy navigation schemes like hiding the links inside the images. The important search engines like google are fully aware of this and put premium on easy navigation for providing high ranking to your website. They just ignore the puzzle solving approach in navigation to find out the relevant pages or information.



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