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What is Web Site Promotion Marketing?
Website promotion marketing involves certain strategies that obtain high ranking for your site on the search engine pages. High ranking means greater visibility before the searchers, higher click rate and higher business. It needs hardly to be emphasized that no matter how imaginative, thoroughly planned and elaborate website promotion marketing strategy you devise, it may only succeed in creating thousands of clicks on your website, but will not be able to sustain the customer interest and convert them into buyers unless the content in your website provides the information, service or the product the visitors are searching for.

User and Search Engine Friendly Design
The first step in website promotion is to make your web pages user and search engine spider friendly by providing easy navigation, fast loading and well designed pages, keyword rich, fresh, informative, error free, high quality and relevant content. 

Submission to Search Engines and Directories
The second step is to submit your website to search engines and directories. Almost all search traffic is generated by the top 20-30 search engines and directories and 90% of your traffic comes from the top 5 or 6 search engines. There are numerous free search engines and directories besides pay-based engines to reach your target market.  Make sure before you submit your site to a search engine that your site has not already been listed. Try to submit your home page or the one that best represents your site. Monitor your site frequently to see your rank, what key phrases or words the searchers are using to locate you; which search engines are sending you the maximum traffic; calculate your link popularity and finally how you are faring in comparison with your competitors.

Link Exchange
The third step in website promotion marketing is to exchange links with the websites which complement the information or service provided by your site but are certainly not your competitors. It must however be noted that links should not be exchanged for their own sake or to add to their numbers through  frivolous sites which have no relevance with the content in your site. Like the person who is known by the company he keeps, website too become popular or notorious through the sites that link them.



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